WHO 2020 preclinical antibacterial pipeline data call

Dear All:  As you will hopefully recall from November 2019, Theuretzbacher et al. published a review of the preclinical pipeline that summarized data on 407 companies active in the preclinical R&D space during the window Sep 2016 through 1 May 2019. Go here for the newsletter about that paper and go here for my master summary

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Global AMR Hub (Berlin) seeks Scientific Program Officer

Dear All, The G20’s Global AMR R&D Hub (https://globalamrhub.org/, see below my signature for a brief history of the Hub) has a job opening from 1 Feb 2021 for a Scientific Program Officer. Here’s a brief description of the role:  Contributes expert knowledge on AMR R&D to the further development of the Dynamic Dashboard and to

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Health Security underpins Economic Security: Fabulous webinar chaired by Dame Sally

Dear All, I want to call your attention to the replay available on YouTube of the excellent 24 Sep 2020 webinar entitled “The global movement of microorganisms:Tracking the spread of difficult-to-treat infections.” Chair by Dame Sally, this 90-minute webinar (link) had 4 global speakers: (Geneva) Hanan Balkhy, Assistant Director-General, World Health Organization (Addis Ababa) John Nkengasong,

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Data sharing enhances antibiotic R&D / Pew’s SPARK data-sharing platform

Note: If you have trouble downloading the files referenced by this newsletter, please use the copy of the newsletter posted at https://amr.solutions/. Dear All, Following the precept “Don’t repeat old mistakes — always make new ones,” a foundational goal of the CARB-X program was to provide open access to R&D data from terminated projects. As

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Chemical vs. drugs (Part 2): How do you discriminate? / More on halicin

Dear All (wonkish note alert!), The recent newsletter on chemicals, drugs, and halicin (link, see also a follow-up newsletter here) generated significant discussion and new insights that I thought I would share in a follow-up newsletter. Our theme in Part 2 is “Trust, but verify!”  Let’s start by considering comments on the newsletter. A number of

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Chemicals vs. drugs (Part 1): The end of bacitracin / the buzz around halicin

This newsletter has a follow-up here. Dear All, Today’s theme is a 2-part journey that could be subtitled “Many are called, but few are chosen,” or “It’s easy to kill bacteria — steam, fire, and bleach are consistently effective — but those aren’t drugs!” Our first stop is with a very old compound, bacitracin. Approved in 1948

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