Pull incentives for antibiotics: How much and why? — A literature survey

Dear All (and with thanks to Kevin Outterson for co-authoring this newsletter), The recent discussions of the NICE/NHS England pilot subscription model (detailed newsletter plus follow-up FAQ newsletter) and a new paper by Chantal Morel and colleagues on the idea of an Antibiotic Susceptibility Bonus (ASB, link) bring to the fore the question of how to value any given

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FDA workshop: Insights on inhaled antifungals and antibacterials

Dear All (wonkish alert … coffee up!), FDA held a workshop on 25 Sep 2020 on development of inhaled antifungal (AF) therapies with a focus on (i) therapies for allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) and severe asthma with fungal sensitization (SAFS), (ii) prophylaxis in lung transplantation, and (iii) adjunct therapy in invasive fungal lung infections (link to

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Treating resistant Gram-negatives: IDSA provides pragmatic expert advice

Dear All, IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) have today released an eagerly awaited new guidance document on treating infections due to resistant Gram-negative bacteria (link). The thing that makes this document unusual is that it is an expert guidance rather than a formal guideline. Although there is value in formal guidelines that carefully review

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UK Pilot Antibiotic Subscription Model: Two candidate antibiotics chosen!

Dear All, Breaking news! Prior newsletters (initial and follow-up) have discussed the UK’s innovative antibiotic subscription pilot (aka, “Netflix for antibiotics”). In brief, the UK intends to identify two innovative antibiotics suitable for being purchased via a delinked model in which the payment to the innovator is a fixed annual fee rather than a per-use

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NHS England antibiotic procurement pilot project: Update webinar on 25 Mar 2020

Dear All, This email was just today received from the team leading the NHS England antibiotic procurement project (go here for a prior newsletter describing the project): Dear Stakeholders, In November 2019, we held a stakeholder webinar to share our response to the comments raised in targeted engagement  and to outline proposals for the procurement process.

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