October 6, 2020

Help (re)validate WHO’s Priority Pathogens List and Essential Medicines List

Dear All, The Drug-Resistant Infections team at Wellcome Trust (link to their homepage) has launched a survey collecting data on current prescribing practices in low-, middle-, and high-income countries. The survey takes about 15 minutes and seeks answers to these questions: Does the WHO Pathogen Priority List (PPL, link), published in 2015, accurately reflect current pathogen

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BARDA seeks information: Are you creating an antibiotic for Yersinia or other biothreat Gram-negatives?

Dear All, BARDA is interested in hearing from antibiotic developers about antibiotics which could be used under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or marketing authorization for the treatment and/or PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) of a biothreat indication, specifically: Y. pestis, F. tularensis, and/or B. pseudomallei. Here’s the core message from the pre-solicitation notice: Topline: “The U.S. Government

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