John H. Rex, MD

Chief Medical Officer, F2G Ltd. · Operating Partner, Advent Life Sciences · Adjunct Professor of Medicine, McGovern Medical School

I am a physician and drug developer with more than 40 years of development and policy experience focused on antimicrobial agents. My experience includes moving antifungal and antibacterial agents from preclinical development thru all development phases in the context of (a) academic positions (NIAID, University
of Texas-Houston), (b) VP-level roles at a pharmaceutical multinational (AstraZeneca), (c) board-level roles in in biotech companies (F2G, Ltd.; Adenium Biotech ApS), (d) Expert-in-Residence at Wellcome Trust, (e) Chief Strategy Officer for CARB-X, and (f) an Operating Partner role with Advent Life Sciences. The first 15 years of my career focused on medical mycology and spanned susceptibility testing methods, in vitro-in vivo translational studies, and clinical trials. More recently, my work has broadened to include advancing novel regulatory and reimbursement paradigms for antimicrobial agents, founding
of the New Drugs for Bad Bugs (ND4BB) program of Europe’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), and leadership of an antifungal-focused biotech company. 

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