May 11, 2021

Major Job Opening: Head of the Global AMR R&D Hub Secretariat

Dear All, Launched in 2018, the Global AMR R&D Hub was established following a call from G20 Leaders to address challenges and improve coordination and collaboration in global AMR R&D using a One Health approach. For a bit more more context on the AMR R&D hub, see this 25 Aug 2020 newsletter about the hub’s dashboard project and

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Open call to fund an EU-based novel antibacterial to IND

Dear All, GNA NOW (part of the IMI AMR Accelerator; this 25 Mar 2021 press release is a good overview of the AMR Accelerator) has just announced an open call to identify a novel mechanism candidate antibacterial to add to its portfolio. For those not familiar with it, the IMI AMR Accelerator is a 295 m€ IMI program

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