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Preclinical pipeline overview / Help fund a movie about AMR!

Dear All: Two things today. First, Ursula Theuretzbacher, Miloje Savic, Christine Ardal, and Kevin Outterson have published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery a brief but instructive snapshot of the global preclinical antibacterial pipeline. This report nicely complements the recent WHO analysis of the clinical pipeline that concluded that “the world is running out of antibiotics.” You’ll want to read the paper yourself (it’s

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Open call to fund an EU-based novel antibacterial to IND

Dear All, GNA NOW (part of the IMI AMR Accelerator; this 25 Mar 2021 press release is a good overview of the AMR Accelerator) has just announced an open call to identify a novel mechanism candidate antibacterial to add to its portfolio. For those not familiar with it, the IMI AMR Accelerator is a 295 m€ IMI program

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Calls for proposals: US CDC, UK-China, Wellcome Trust

Dear All: As we head into the Easter and Passover weekend, three new calls for proposals have emerged! Perhaps one of these is for you? The US CDC has released a Broad Agency Announcement (FY2018-OADS-BAA) seeking proposals for projects across a range of areas (diagnostics, transmission, microbiome disruption, resistance genes in the environment, and stewardship). Initial proposals

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MTEC: A funding source for anti-infective projects that (also) have military uses

Dear All, I have recently become aware of MTEC (Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to accelerate the translation of medical technologies into solutions that prevent and treat injuries and restore the health of United States military personnel.  MTEC is a public-private collaboration between the U.S. federal government and the businesses and

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Amended Indian PPL slide / SUPERBUGS Act / Novo REPAIR Global Call

Dear All, Three bits of news you can use… First, when I wrote yesterday about the new Indian Priority Pathogen List (PPL), I said that it was similar to the WHO PPL list except for the addition of Staphylococcus epidermidis (and speculated that this relates to the role of S. epidermidis in neonatal sepsis). Well, it

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CDC call for AMR-related proposals: 13 Jan 2021 deadline for white papers

Dear All, Just out is a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA 75D301-21-R-71738) from CDC with a 13 Jan 2021 deadline for white papers. The webpage for the BAA is here and you’ll need to look at the .pdf of the solicitation to understand all the possibilities. The AMR-related research areas include calls for proposals that would: Improve identification of bacteria

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