FDA workshop: Revising the process for importance-ranking of human antimicrobials to guide their use in animals

Dear All, FDA have announced that they will hold a virtual public workshop on 16 Nov 2020 (9.30a-4.00p EST) entitled “Potential Approach for Ranking of Antimicrobial Drugs According to Their Importance in Human Medicine: A Risk Management Tool for Antimicrobial New Animal Drugs.” Go here for the FR notice, here for extended details, including registration, and here for

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Benefit-Risk analyses: Gassman et al. (NEJM) + FDA

Dear All: An article by Gassman, Nguyen, and Joffe in today’s NEJM entitled “FDA regulation of prescription drugs” caught my eye because of its emphasis on structured benefit-risk (B-R) analyses as a core part of regulatory thinking. See links below along with the core paper from the FDA’s website on benefit-risk (oddly, the NEJM paper is not

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EMA-FDA-PMDA action + Podcasts (CDD, Pew) + NEJM on non-inferiority

Dear All: Several updates today, all on the theme of good things to know or share! First, EMA, FDA, and PMDA are continuing to meet and have released a summary of their third tripartite meeting. The key message is alignment: alignment on trial designs for key indications, alignment on pediatric programs, and alignment on single global development programs! This is

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FDA Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee (AMDAC) on 26 Apr 2019: IM Bacitracin for staphylococcal pneumonia and empyema in infants?!

Addendum: This is the first of a series of newsletters on IM bacitracin. Go here for the next newsletter. Dear All: FDA has announced that on 26 April (8:30a-1:00p) it will have an Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee to “… discuss the safety and effectiveness of bacitracin for intramuscular injection for the treatment of infants with pneumonia and

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BARDA’s DRIVe goes live; FDA workshop (27 Jun!) on inhaled antibiotics

Dear All: I don’t mean to inundate your inbox (this is my 3rd email this week!), but these two things have just hit my inbox and one of them has very tight timing: First, I previously wrote about job opportunities with BARDA’s new DRIVe initiative. With the goal of revolutionizing the way we prevent, detect, and respond to major health security threats,

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