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Future Leaders Against AMR – Fireside Chat with Founder!

Dear All, As some of you may have seen on Twitter, the Future Leaders Against AMR have been busy! I was honored to speak to the group of 40 international young people as part of their lecture series. Future Leaders Against AMR is supported by the PAR Foundation and, once I realized the grassroots nature of the

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Discussing Details of ATMF’s 2021 AMR Benchmark Report!

Dear All, As you may remember, last fall I wrote a newsletter about ATMF’s 3rd update to the AMR Benchmark series. You are encouraged to read the report but in brief, the key messages are (i) the pipeline is small with most innovation coming from small biotech, (ii) stewardship and access planning are increasingly seen (but

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RFP: Gender inequality in AMR (with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa)

Dear All, Continuing with the theme of socio-economic inequality and AMR that we discussed in prior newsletters (31 Jan 2022, “RFP: Support For Creating Antimicrobial Stewardship Centers Of Excellence” and 26 Oct 2021, “$50-100k Grants To Address Socioeconomic Outcome Disparities Due To AMR-Related Factors”), we today have an RFP on gender and AMR from the

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Useful AMR graphics: Poirel 2017 and Marston 2016

Dear All: There’s a very comprehensive review of the polymyxins by Poirel, Jayol, and Nordmann just out in Clin Micro Reviews ( If you’re a fan of good quality graphics as way to tell the story of AMR, their Figure 4 is worth capturing! Ditto their Figure 5 of outbreaks of colistin-resistant, carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae.

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Superb podcasts x 2: “Your cancer will be controlled, but you may die of infection” and “Pharma needs to be (and stay) engaged”

Dear All, Clear analyses by our colleagues in the science-focused media are invaluable ways to educate both ourselves and others: we learn new viewpoints while our non-technical friends and colleagues learn what keeps us up at night. On this note, we have two recently released 30-minute podcasts that are very much worth hearing and sharing. 

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