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Government Action

UK Antibiotic Subscription Pilot implies Pull Incentive of up to $4b across the G20

Note that there is a follow-up newsletter that covers a post-webinar FAQ. After reading this newsletter as introduction, please go here for the follow-up newsletter. Dear All (and with thanks to Kevin Outterson for co-authoring this newsletter), Prior newsletters have covered the antibiotic evaluation procurement pilot being run by NICE and NHS England (go here for the

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EU Council Recommendation adopted! But what does it mean?

Dear All, During their recent turn to hold the EU presidency (1 Jan to 30 Jun 2023), the Swedes have steadily pushed AMR as one of their top priorities. As part of this, Sweden used their most recent presidency to release a motion to adopt a Council Recommendation on fighting AMR. Here are the parallel links that

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European Commission: Proposed Pull incentives!

Note: Be sure to see the forward calendar: there is a webinar on 9 May during which Mark McClellan will speak with Sen. Todd Young, co-sponsor of the recently reintroduced PASTEUR Act! Don’t miss it! Dear All, For today’s note, we will be doing a dive into some very exciting AMR-related proposed legislation released by

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BARDA Medical Countermeasures BAA: Substantial updates

Dear All (and yes, back-to-back newsletters … lots of action this week!): BARDA have today released a new version of their long-running BAA (Broad Agency Announcement, formerly BAA-18-100-SOL-00003) that seeks medical countermeasures (MCMs) for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats, pandemic influenza, and emerging infectious diseases. The new BAA is BAA-23-100-SOL-00004 and has been completely reorganized and

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Appropriate duration of antimicrobial dosing in food animal care

Dear All,  I’ve watched with interest the way that FDA’s CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine) has been working steadily with the veterinary community as a whole to reduce antibiotic resistance pressure by improving the way antibiotics are used in animal care. The titles of these prior newsletters give you a feel for some aspects of

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How the sausage is made: A day of advocacy for PASTEUR

Dear All, Along with more than 50 others, I spent Tuesday 12 Sep 2023 on Capitol Hill visiting offices of members of Congress (Senate and House) seeking support for the PASTEUR Act. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that we now have substantial bipartisan support for PASTEUR: it was re-introduced as The Pioneering Antimicrobial

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Canada says, “Let’s pull together!” in a major new report

Dear All (and with thanks to Kevin for co-authoring): Yesterday saw the release of a major new report on Pull incentives from Canada! The report’s cover art eloquently summarizes its key message: Well said … and proves that a picture really is worth 1,000 words! Here are the links you’ll need: The report’s webpage at the

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Dear All, Our US government colleagues have been busy! Three things back-to-back: First, the FORWARD Act (Finding Orphan-disease Remedies With Antifungal Research and Development Act of 2022”) was introduced in the US Senate on 13 Jan 2021 as S.3498 by Sens. Kelly, Sinema, and Feinstein. You’ve got to admire the acronymics! The Senate bill is the

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