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ARPEGE: New €17m French Consortium tackles economics, diagnostics, and therapeutics

Dear All, On 6 Jan 2022, we had the announcement of the creation of in France of the ARPEGE consortium (AppRoche théraPeutique Economique & diaGnostique de l’antibiorésistancE) or “Economic, diagnostic and therapeutic approach to antibiotic resistance.” Somebody definitely had fun with that acronym! Here’s what you need to know: The French government is providing €9m of

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Building momentum for delinked incentives: Key upcoming webinars

Dear All, A brief note today as I am traveling (yes, really … first time in almost 18 months) but wanted to share these 3 important upcoming meetings. The theme I expect to hear running through them all is that (i) innovation is possible (the CARB-X Year 5 report is amazing!), (ii) new antibiotics must both

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Sign a letter in support of antifungal R&D … in support of PASTEUR!

Dear All: As you know if you are a regular reader of this newsletter, I think that creation of suitable Pull incentives by passage of the PASTEUR Act in the United States is key to building a vibrant pipeline of products to address the international problem of AMR. I’ve also written recently about the FORWARD Act

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AMR stays on the G20’s to-do list with calls for Push and Pull mechanisms

Aside: Please look closely at the forward calendar. In addition to two new webinars from GARDP’s REVIVE project, there is a meeting in Thailand in December that focuses on alternatives to antibiotics. I’m told that the program is primarily focused on veterinary and agricultural uses, but previous year’s attendees have found the discussion to have broad application

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Pull incentives in the EU / Statements by Commissioner Kyriakides

Dear All (and note the related 28 Nov 2020 newsletter), Stella Kyriakides, the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, made some really interesting statements before the European Parliament’s health committee (ENVI) on Thursday of last week (22 April). Per this Exchange of Views on the EP’s multimedia center and this news report, here are some

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PASTEUR Act (re)introduced: A delinked Pull award advances in the US!

Dear All (with thanks to Kevin Outterson for leading this note), HUGE news today: Senator Michael F. Bennet and Senator Todd Young have introduced an updated PASTEUR Act that (if enacted) would create a predictable path to rewarding new #FireExtinguishersOfMedicine for their value to society via a subscription contract (valued at $750m to $3b) that prepays

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Pull incentives for antibiotics: How much and why? — A literature survey

Dear All (and with thanks to Kevin Outterson for co-authoring this newsletter), The recent discussions of the NICE/NHS England pilot subscription model (detailed newsletter plus follow-up FAQ newsletter) and a new paper by Chantal Morel and colleagues on the idea of an Antibiotic Susceptibility Bonus (ASB, link) bring to the fore the question of how to value any given

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