WHO Tripartite Joint Secretariat on AMR seeks consultant to develop multisectoral guidance

Dear All, WHO continues on their streak of seeking support for their AMR-related work! Today we have a posting by the Tripartite Joint Secretariat on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) of a consultancy opening for an 11-month project that would support development of multisectoral guidance(s) on development and strengthening of the coordination mechanisms and governance structures for addressing AMR. Full details

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WHO Pipeline review / Roadmap for susceptibility testing developers

Dear All: Two useful papers have just been released — see titles and abstracts below my signature. Both are Open Access so please do download & read! And just for full disclosure, know that I’m a co-author on both. First, a working group organized by WHO has produced a comprehensive review of the clinical antimicrobial pipeline for both

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WHO 2017 Priority Pathogens List

Dear All: The new WHO priority pathogen list for R&D has been released! It’s entirely focused on bacteria both otherwise has a lot of similarity the CDC list. FYI, CARB-X will use both lists going forward. Links to WHO materials are below. I have also prepared a short slide deck (updated on 22 Dec 2017) that shows

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WHO releases its Fungal Priority Pathogen List (PPL)!

Dear All, Based on a 2020 RFP, we’ve known that WHO was building a fungal priority pathogen list (PPL). Well, now the list has been released. Here’s what you need to understand the new PPL: Webpage where you can get the report My PowerPoint .pptx that summarizes all the PPLs to date My webpage that provides

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WHO consultancy to support AMR-related messaging / 2 Mar 2020 deadline!

Dear All, WHO has just posted a job opening for a consultant in Geneva to help with spreading the word about AMR by (i) revamping the World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) campaigns and (ii) facilitating mainstreaming of antimicrobial resistance messages into major global events and scientific conferences. Full details from the posting are below my

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