Help (re)validate WHO’s Priority Pathogens List and Essential Medicines List

Dear All, The Drug-Resistant Infections team at Wellcome Trust (link to their homepage) has launched a survey collecting data on current prescribing practices in low-, middle-, and high-income countries. The survey takes about 15 minutes and seeks answers to these questions: Does the WHO Pathogen Priority List (PPL, link), published in 2015, accurately reflect current pathogen

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WHO consultancy: Create online e-learning on antimicrobial stewardship

Dear All, WHO today published a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant to develop an online e-learning course on antimicrobial stewardship! There is a mention of the request on the WHO AMR homepage (link) which in turn takes you to the extended details in this Terms of Reference document (link). In brief, the project

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Six-month consultancy with WHO to support antibiotic stewardship

Dear All, Wow, a news-heavy day … at least two more newsletters this weekend, I think. See below my signature a posting for a 6-month consultancy in Geneva with WHO to support the antimicrobial stewardship activities of the WHO’s Department of Global Coordination and Partnership on Antimicrobial Resistance. Deadline is 10 July 2020 for applications.

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Help update the WHO clinical antibacterial pipeline analysis

Dear All: As you know, WHO produced a pipeline update with a cut-off date of 1 July 2018. It’s now published both as a manuscript (Theuretzbacher et al. Lancet ID 2018, link) and a set of summary tables (link). Team WHO would like to update this analysis with a cut-off date of 1 Aug 2019. They

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WHO Pipeline review / Roadmap for susceptibility testing developers

Dear All: Two useful papers have just been released — see titles and abstracts below my signature. Both are Open Access so please do download & read! And just for full disclosure, know that I’m a co-author on both. First, a working group organized by WHO has produced a comprehensive review of the clinical antimicrobial pipeline for both

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