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Young people and AMR: A global summit! A video game!

Dear All, Today we have two hopeful signs from our younger colleagues about the future of AMR! First Global AMR Youth SummitThe World Health Students’ Alliance (WHSA) has announced a 3-day virtual event (20-22 Nov 2020, see details below) where “youth around the world come together to discuss, learn, and get empowered about various AMR-related

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CC4CARB: (free!) rationally designed compound libraries based on your ideas!

Dear All, NIAID and RTI International have recently announced the initiation of CC4CARB Chemistry Center for Combating Antibiotic Resistance). In brief, CC4CARB synthesizes compound libraries (free of charge!) based on scaffolds that you propose The focus is on creating novel chemical matter that might have antibacterial activity (there appears to be a focus on Gram-negatives, but there

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Developing antibiotics for children: There are no easy answers

Aside: If you’ve enjoyed the prior discussions of movies to inspire antibiotic R&D and very apropos given the theme of today’s newsletter, please check out the newly released 4-minute YouTube discussion of a scene from Master and Commander in which antibiotics could have saved a young man’s arm! Dear All (Wonkish alert! There’s a lot of

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New economic models for antibiotics: Are we there yet? No, but we ARE on the road

Dear All, The Duke-Margolis team hosted an excellent full-day workshop on 16 Jan 2020. Entitled “Exploring Opportunities to Reform Antimicrobial Payment and Post-Market Incentives” and chaired by Mark McClellan, the workshop’s outstanding cast of presenters and discussants provided a thorough discussion of both the need for new payment models and and the many ongoing activities focused

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