Categories of resistance: MDR, XDR, PDR, UDR, and (new!) DTR

Note: See also these related newsletters: 20 Feb 2020 (link) on DTR as part of the language of resistance and 7 June 2020 (link) on using DTR to estimate antibiotic value. Dear All: When thinking about studies of resistant pathogens, issues of case-finding and statistical design are frequent topics of debate. As an example, the

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The hunt for oral antibiotics: Beyond Lipinski’s Rule of Five

Dear All: Given our collective interest in finding oral antibiotics, a recent article in J Med Chem on the evolution of our understanding of Lipinski’s Rule of 5 (Ro5) prompts me today to share it along with a recent webinar and links to both Lipinski’s original paper as well as his 2016 commentary:  The original

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Push! Pull! Push! Pull! / Highlights from Davos 2018

Dear All: Three important documents were released at / during / around the World Economic Forum meeting that occurred this week in Davos. First and foremost, we have the final report from DRIVE-AB. It’s a substantial document and you’ll need to set aside an afternoon to read it. As a way to get started, my 11 Sep 2017

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FDA analysis of 40-years of antibacterial development: Dheman et al.

Dear All (and with thanks to Kevin Outterson for co-authoring this newsletter), Just out in CID is a paper in which FDA analyzes trends in antibacterial development from 1980-2019. To fully appreciate this paper, you need to look both at it and three other papers: FDA’s paper (https://doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciaa859): Dheman N, Mahoney N, Cox EM, Farley

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NIAID workshop: What is a robust PK-PD package?

Dear All: The ~150 of us who gathered in Washington yesterday and today for the NIAID’s PK-PD workshop enjoyed a very rich conversation. It’s really hard to capture the full debate, but here is a brief slide set and as well a written summary of the meeting that provide the main points. More materials can be found online at this

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